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This website is borning from the best to the best collectors of Shoujo Manga outside Japan. If you are a deep lover of the glorious Age of Shoujo (70/80s years in Japan), you certainly know that it's very difficult to find original valuable editions of these works, in Europe now. Sometimes, these problems come from the fact that these titles are now considered as "not-commercial" or japanese printhouses have simply discountinued the publishings. But also there are many titles who are still regularly on sale into japanese stores while having not any market ouside Japan.
Without beeing used to see them into our store, these goods have now an unknown value and it happens that even if we find something for accident, we have to face the risk of overrating them: this website is going to offer real and updated evaluations about the items related to our beloved Shoujo-Manga authors, starting from our mostly beloved Riyoko Ikeda and her most well known title "THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES".

The decision to start from Riyoko Ikeda, it is because there is not any doubt that VERSAILLES NO BARA is the most famous  manga-shoujo ever drawn in Japan. We can also tell that THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES is now the most famous manga-comics all around the world.... even if our manga/anime stores always present a hole about this title/genre... and this hole is widest as the success it goes on getting in Japan!

The availability of such material is widest, instead, if you search in Japan but unfortunately the japanese language still presents a strong barrier to the largest part of the people... so ... forgetting VERSAILLES NO BARA and other mastepieces because you don't speak japanese? Nonsense! This is the point where i think experienced collectors should come out and do something... And here we are! From collectors, to collectors!

The website is called WWW.LADYHILLARY.COM because Hillary is the name of the main collector here who cares about Riyoko Ikeda items and who founded this way of collecting. Yes, because this is a particular way to get your collectibles and it needs explanation: actually even the experienced collectors have many problems in getting these goods but it's not because they are unfindable... but because it's quite impossibile to convince japanese sellers to ship them abroad. Japanese people are not usually speaking english and any contact with foreigners is difficult. If you try and contact someone for accident... no matter if you pray... usually you won't get anwer.
Starting from year 2000, the director of this website, Hillary, decided to go on collecting Berubara items, by "collecting" other collectors!! At present day, we have formed a community of a few hundreds people who are usually placing orders in Japan, all together. Beeing united, not only we are now able to get better prices but above all, we can get attention into the hidden market of little bookstores, japanese-restricted online auctions and private japanese collectors, who are the only to be able to find our wished goods.

Want to buy something? When you decide to buy anything using the services of this website, you enter the group for the time of the purchase: we send your request to all stores we have known in these years, together with the requests of may other collectors like you... and be sure that sooner or later, you'll item come out.
But there are also many items who are available in 24 hours because other people had already requested them and we bought more in order to save on charges: they are marked with a green led and it means that they are available in 24 hours! Simply request them and we ship.
If the item is marked with yellow led, it means that you can ask it and we will search it for you.

In a few words, this website starts from where traditional stores stop. And more, beeing among experts of this genre, you can expect for excellent collectibles in excellent conditions and when it's not possible to find perfect pieces, you are always exactly informed on each damage they should have got. Every time you ask for buying something, if the piece is not NEW, you can also receive a collection of pictures about it, so to evaluate the state by yourself too.

Want to sell something? As explained above, this website doesn't exist for commercial reasons only but it was born to offer a service: you can consider it as an open space. If you want to collaborate with us or if you can be interested in sharing/selling something, contact us and we will be glad to open your offers to our visitors from worldwide. Actually we have setted up a proper page, the page of the OFFERS, where we explain all our needings. And of course you are welcome if you want to suggest anything. If you are a collector, please consider that you are among friends.
This website has preference in listing original editions from Japan but you could even see some european productions, not only from Italy where we live. The idea to include  productions from outside-Japan into this website, it came together with the increasing number of people who joined our group in these years. People from worldwide, they became friends and they started to share memories from the childwood. Our landscape, already opened to the japanese originals, soon became global. At present time, there are many stores who offer their national productions together with the japanese originals but there are not stores used to deal with productions from around the world (in this genre). Now we started to do it, thanks to the collaboration of other collectors from worldwide and we hope many and many other people will want to join us and open their national markets to we all living in other countries.